In this game the hero is Goldpusher:

YOU can move Goldpusher. With keys: .......
K or 8 or Up
H or 4 or Left
L or 6 or Right
J or 2 or Down

Or with the buttons:
When you use a touch screen you can press these buttons with both thumbs. As long as a thumb rests on the screen Goldpusher continues walking. You can shift your thumbs to another button without lifting it from the screen. This allows for making a fast turn. The up and down buttons are repeated on both sides of the screen, to allow fast switching of direction.
The buttons can be hidden in the menu.
Or, when you use a touch screen, move Goldpusher with a drag into the direction you want him to move.
As long as you hold your finder on the screen, Goldpusher continues walking. As soon as you lift your finger Goldpusher stops.
When you touch the screen with a second finger, Goldpusher throws a spade (if he has any).
In the menu you can change the drag sensitivity, which is the number of pixels you need to move your finger before Goldpusher starts moving into that direction)
The object of the game is to get the pot of gold directly on top of the rainbow:

When you can't get the goldpot on the rainbow (some rooms are very difficult) you can watch the solution. Click the Menu button and then click on 'Solution' in the menu panel. (or just press key: s)

Goldpusher moves in a strange world not known to us.
The main structure of this world are the 'wallpieces'. There are many of those wallpieces. A few examples:

Or bigger:

Goldpusher and the monsters can't walk through these wallpieces: they are solid and unmovable.
Other solid objects can be moved:

The Rock

The Iron Ball

The Balloon

The goldpot

Goldpusher is killed by all monsters, falling Rocks, Iron Balls or Goldpots: ARGHHH:

But NOT by rising Balloons!!

The Orc
Movement: movedumb
Killed by: Rocks, Balloons, Iron Balls and Goldpots

The Spider
Its movement is called 'Dalek': It just takes the shortest path to Goldpusher. When an object blocks its way, it backs off in a random direction for a short while in the "movedumb" fashion. Then it tries the shortest way to Goldpusher again.
You'd better check it out in Room 16, because this story might seem a bit confusing

Killed by: Rocks, Balloons, Iron Balls and Goldpots

The Ice Bear
Movement: movedumb
Killed by: Rocks, Balloons, Iron Balls and Goldpots
Special: Because of its strength, the Ice Bear can push Rocks and Balloons too!! However, Iron Balls and Goldpots he can't push.

The Ice Bear pushes the Rock

The snail (or other monster) turns

The Ice Bear turns when it runs into an Iron Ball or a Goldpot. When a Balloon (or Rock) is pushed against another solid object Goldpusher crushes the Balloon (or Rock). The Ice Bear doesn't have that ability and turns when it bumps against such an object.
The Rock-Crusher Movement: movedumb Killed ONLY by: Iron Balls and Goldpots.
Special: This beast has got a strange ability. Because of it's hard drill-nose, it crushes every Rock or Balloon he encounters. However, even Rock-Crusher can't crush an Iron Ball or Goldpot.
Goldpusher can only crush a Rock when it is blocked by another solid object. Here you see that Rock-Crusher always crushes a rock and turns, while Goldpusher just pushes the rock.

Especially Ice Bears and Rock-Crushers are monsters you can often 'use'. For example: Let the Ice Bear move a Rock or Balloon which you can't reach.

Rock Crusher can't crush an Iron Ball. He only turns. Rock Crusher crushes Balloons too

Keyboard Shortcuts
8, up, k: go up
4, left, h: go left
5, down, j: go down
6, right, l: go right
space: Throw last object picked up
p: Pause/Continue, also takes snapshot
a: Abort current game position, return to snapshot position.
If no snapshot available return to start position.
n: Next puzzle
t: Show top score
u: Load/Save/Delete game state
m: Show/Hide menu
s: Show solution
r: Record solution
e: Help
escape: Close dialog screen
g: Go to selected puzzle
F1: Set speed slow
F2: Set speed medium
F3: Set speed fast
b: Edit room
x: Flip orientation
f: Toggle full screen