* Revision: 85
	- bug: ranges not set when dragging with the mouse in the graph


	* Revision: 84
	- bug: when manually entering range inputs, the values were not compared
	- always update edit position when cursor is moved by arrow keys (i.e. also
	after stopping with shift-space)
	- when stopped with shift-space, another shift-space moves the cursor back to
	the startposition


	* Revision: 83
	- small layout changes


	* Revision: 82
	- set the height of score and graph with a percentage height (30% each)
	- set a maximum height for the button bar (20%)
	- change space-around to space-between (better for small screens)
	- explcitly set the pixel height of the graph to that of its container
	- add a resize eventListener to redraw the graph


	* Revision: 81
	- updated help pop-ups and readme

	* Revision: 80
	- add title bar to the help dialog with links to the main page and the docs
	that open a new tab.
	- keep help dialog open if one of these links is clicked.
	- make the help dialog scrollable.
	- add revision number from the source to the help dialog title bar.


	* Revision: 79
	- add URL parameter for page scrolling
	- do not correct the selection end if it is zero but interpret it as the end
	of the audio in all operations


	* Revision: 78
	- new menu item (and option): page scroll. when checked the scrolling occurs
	at the end of the window. When unchecked the cursor is kept at a fixed
	position (0.3 of the window width)
	- bug: also return to start position if it is the first note (index 0)
	- change shortcut for move range to cntl-arrow only (was shift-cntl-arrow).
	- make sure that end range > begin range
	- set range inputs in function setTempRange


	* Revision: 77
	- bug: skip invisible rests/notes when positioning the note cursor
	- better positioning after scroll jumps at begin/end of line and after a

	* Revision: 76
	bug: undo and redo should reset the last operation (lastop)
	- only scroll if one of the cursors would be drawn at less than 0.2 of the
	window width or more than 0.8 of the same).

	* Revision: 75
	- bug: the last beat in a selection was not moved with cntl-arrow
	- when the selection start changes (opt.aoff) scroll to this position

	* Revision: 74
	- shift-click in the graph sets begin range.
	- cntl-click in the graph sets end range.
	- help dialog updated accordingly.
	- new function checkShift to check if modifier keys are pressed when clicking
	in the graph.


	* Revision: 73
	- a click in the graph also sets the begin range
	- shift-space stops playback and the cursor remains where it is. (nornal space
	stops and the cursor returns to the start position)


	* Revision: 72
	- new option tel= (opt.curtel) sets the cursor position (in beats)
	- take care of properly updating opt.curtel and setting the initial position
	- rename the option for beat unit to unit=
	- improve moving beats (moveTel) by honouring the current selection

	* Revision: 71
	- verwijder expliciet laden van env.js omdat de import dat al doet
	- "use strict" moet boven alle andere javascript-statements
	- alle toetsen met Alt-wijziging overslaan in keydown
	- nieuw compile script
	- nieuwe index en readme


	* Revision: 70
	- de URL-opties tmp, aoff en dur correct behandelen


	* Revision: 69
	- toets a wisselt de advanced optie
	- implementeer undo voor moveTel
	- herorden het helpvenster

	* Revision: 68
	- breedte van #nband input werd niet gezet
	- opt.advanced behandelen in doOption

	* Revision: 67
	- help dialoog toegevoegd
	- toggleHelp toegevoegd
	- toggleHelp en toggleMenu zo veel mogelijk aan elkaar gelijk gemaakt


	* Revision: 66
	- verwijder score tempo element uit menu (want niet gebruikt)
	- verwijder tmpElm en curtemp (audsync.js)
	- bug: verkeerde id voor input element van aantal banden (bands -> nband)
	- herordenen menu, class "blk" lijkt niet nodig te zijn
	- voeg pop-up help toe (funtie addTips)
	- voeg advanced checkbox toe en verberg items met class adv
	- verwijder de graaf labels