version 43:
- sometimes scrambled preload files would not display correctly due to a bug in split/join
- hide download button in media element when scrambled preload is used.
- URL parameters tb and te define where playback should start and end. Both time points may
  be inside or outside the time range covered by the score.

version 42:
- only execute a nested repeat once (previously nested repeats caused an infinite loop)
  (a nested repeat, however, is still restricted to one where the start of repeat is shared)

version 41
- bug correction: tempo marks in the score were no longer translated correctly due to internal
  changes in abc2svg

version 40
- bug with loopmarkers when reading syncrhonization data from another preload file.
- adaptation to internal changes in abc2svg: svg viewBox removed, svg scaling removed,
  object member "tempo_value" renamed to "tempo".
- some note heads replaced by unicode symbols (in perc2map) because their internal svg definitions were
  removed from abc2svg.
- better code for the computation of the scaling factor from svg to screen coors

version 39
- video size can now be changed by dragging in the empty space beside the video. Previously one had to
  drag a narrow resize bar which was difficult to do on a tablet. 
- performance of video resizing improved.
- replaced hover behaviour of menu with click behaviour (better for tablets)
- mouseleave behaviour of the help area replaced by click beside behaviour (better for tablets)

version 38
- removed the separate on-screen loop checkbox. Its function is now (more logically) implied by the loop menu item.
- metronome was not cleared when disabled (== menu item unselected) during playback.
- loopmarks are saved/restored in/by the preload file

version 37
- autoscale once when opening a preload with a scorewidth larger than the screen size of the device
- prefer XMLHttpRequest for a preload and only fall back to dynamic script tag when a cross domain violation occurs
- do not position youtube player when video is cued; also skip explicit pause when cued.

version 36
- youtube player would not load when the browser's flash plugin was enabled.

version 35
- normal repeats implemented (with first and second endings).
- deleted the "unfold repeats" option and added a "skip repeats" option.
- separate menu items for loop and speed buttons.
- metronome implemented

version 34
- when marking the import checkbox show file buttons when hidden
- when youtube player has loaded switch on the youtube input field
- when saving do not save the enable sync option
- prevent propagation of keybord events from the youtube-id input field, because shortcuts would be triggered
- replace C and C| by 4 resp. 2 in beat analysis of ABC code.
- setScale crashed when SVG picture had no viewbox
- delay parameter not properly parsed in URL
- count-in takes speed, meter and tempo changes in account.
- dummy player takes speed and tempo changes in account.
- avoid exception with self constructed key event

version 33
- added a count-in, enabled by a checkbox, number of counts derived from the time signature, tempo is the average of measure 2-4.
- setting of loop markers now also works correctly when measure shading is active.
- correction for small differences in synchronization data when measure shading is active and multiple devices are synchronized.
- added checkbox to enable import of timing data from another preload. (useful for making preloads of multiple score parts
  with the same timing)
- corrected bug when loading different video after loading a youtube video
- key-m toggles menu, key-f: file buttons, key-s: speed/loop controls, key-a: auto-scale

version 32
new features:
- synchronized start/stop/goto of multiple devices running abcweb (needs a Web Socket server, see below). All devices
  play the score and media precisely synchronized. The url parameter "ip=ip-number" enables this mode, where
  ip-number is the address of the Web Socket server.
- a simmulated default player allows devices without media (only score) to keep in sync with devices with media.
- one device can assume the role of a master (otherwise any device can play/pause/goto). The url parameter "mstr"
  enables this mode for a synchronized device.
- added file "abcSrv.js" This program must be run with Node ( and implements a Web Socket server
  (on port 8091) with the synchronization protocol for abcweb. It also has a normal http server (port 8090) for using
  abcweb in a local network without internet connection.
- in a url parameter "d:" is expanded to ""
- url parameter "nomed" disables loading of media files (to allow a normal preload to play without media on synchronized
  devices). It also aligns the score with the top of the page.
- url parameter "dx.x" adds a latency of 0.xx seconds to the media player when playing. When synchronizing multiple devices
  this allows fast devices to compensate for the longer latency on a slower devices.
- with measure shading, play back always jumps to the start of the measure when clicked, independent of where the click
  occurs in the measure. In line cursor mode, play back and cursor are positioned precisely at the place of the click.
- the html5 media player now jumps to the offset before starting. Previously it would start at the beginning even if
  a large offset was defined in the preload.
- the option to hide the cursor now works with all players (html5, youtube and simulated) and also works while playing
  (previously it did not work for the youtube player at all, and would only take effect after a pause/play).

version 31:
- the med=file_name URL parameter now also accepts a youtube video id.
- added URL parameter tb=n to specify a start time of the media in seconds (float)
- added URL parameter te=n to specify an end time of the media in seconds (float). In combination with tb=n this allows
  a coarse synchronization of the whole score.
- playback pauses at end of score

version 30:
- added an option to use the youtube iframe-player.
- added text field to specify a youtube video id (when youtube player selected).
- extended program for use of the youtube api (synchronization, load/save mechanism, speed change etc.).
- added option "wait offset" (when synchronizing wait for a click in the first measure before starting cursor movement)

version 29:
- all options moved into a single menu
- all options are now accessible from the menu (previously some options were only settable via a url parameter)
- all options are saved to and loaded from the preload file (including speed, video height and top margin)
- new options: center score, center media
- changed default options jump=0 and top-margin=0 (was jump=1 and top_margin=50)
- changed URI parameter "nj" into "jmp", setting option jump=1 as the default now is 0.
- bug recognizing the + key shortcut for increasing speed, also added Num+ and Num- shortcuts for in/decreasing speed

version 28:
- retain state of the loop markers when the loop checkbox is toggled
- new checkbox and corresponding URI-parameter "ncr" to hide the cursor while playing
- hide interface while loading score/media (during preload)
- URI parameter "tmr=nn" to set the top margin (current music line to bottom player) to nn pixels
- URI parameter "asc" to set autoscale active.
- check that end marker comes after start marker when setting a loop
- wrong file type detected when checking video file opened from dropbox
- wrong file name saved in preload file when local media file was used
- added webit specific css for the score area that disables tap-and-hold selection
- removed dynamic loading of javascript as it caused problems on the iPad.

version 27:
- new URI-parameters "npl" and "ur". (npl = no player visible, ur = unfold simple repeats)
- clicking left of the first bar on a line (or right of the last bar on a line) pauses/resumes the player

version 26:
- bug with left barline at the start of a staff (previously left repeat caused extra measure)
- wrong default tempo when no explicit tempo in score

version 25:
- the score file button can also open and process preload files
- dropbox support: load and save can use the dropbox Chooser and Saver, which loads and saves directly on a users
  account on (also works on iPad)
- preload files can be shared from dropbox and enable users to present video synchronized to score on the web.
- when a preload file is saved on dropbox, the corresponding media file (on dropbox) is automatically found.
- checkbox (and corresponding url parameter) added to hide speed and loop buttons

version 24:
- loop feature added (loop checkbox visible when line cursor mode checked)
- main html file suitable for use in dropbox public folder (e.g. for use with iPad)
- dynamic javascript loading: first local files are tried and when that fails resources are loaded from internet.
- disabled zooming on iPad
- new url paramters 'syn' and 'nj'
  e.g. in abcweb.html?...&syn&nj where syn marks the 'sync' checkbox and 'nj' clears the jump sync box

version 23:
- translation I:percmap -> %%map for percussion (code is in abcweb.js and only works for the kind of abc that is output by xml2abc)
- added note shapes: triangle(+), diamond(+), rectangle(+), x, circle-x
- speed slider replaced by two buttons (plus 0.01, minus 0.01) for better usability on tablets
- changed the behaviour of the buttons checkbox. When this checkbox is cleared the state of the sync checkbox remains
  unchanged. Previously it was also cleared.
- added handling of touch events for the video resize bar.
- added option no_jump = 1 for the preload file. When true clears the jump checkbox during preload.
- added option msc_sync = 1 for the preload file. When true marks the sync checkbox during preload.
- options no_jump and msc_sync can also be set by url parameters nj and syn: abcweb.html?syn&nj
- when windows.load event fired multiple times several preload variables got wrong values

version 22:
- first changes for single lineair time sequence in stead of a line/measure oriented 2-dim time array.
- query parameter xml= works again. Was broken by changes in version 19.

version 21:
- branch intf_1 merged with trunk.
- branch intf_1 supports abc2svg-1.js and uses its abc parse tree (get_abcmodel).

version 20:
- added checkbox to disable the backwards jump of one measure while synchronizing

version 19:
- check encoding given in the xml header and if not utf reread file with specified encoding

version 18:
- added a slider that can change playback speed (audio/video) in the range from 0.5 to 2.0
  (Contributed by Stef Dave)

version 17:
- added query parameters (xml= and med=) for an xml file and media file:
  The xml= parameter may also specify an ABC file.

version 16:
- bug corrected in calculation of measure duration when tuplets contains chords.

version 15:
- media area height can be resized (hover at top of score area -> resize bar visible and can be dragged).
- added variables for presetting the video height and the measure shading opacity.
- how to use these variables in the preload file is described in readme.html.

version 14:
- added abc parser to compute note durations. Allows tempo changes (Q:) at arbitrary positions in a measure.
- deleted the restrictions on Q: and M: from the help text, because there are no more such restrictions.

version 13:
- display credits next to media, centered on the page.
- credit html read from preload file as array of strings.

version 12:
- reorder the external times_arr to the internal wz_times. Corrects old preload file for layout changes.

version 11:
- initial release