* Revision: 154
	- smooth scrolling when available in CSS otherwise fallback to jquery
	- changed (interpretation of) event.keyCode to event.key
	- URL parameter 'nosm' disables smooth scrolling


	* Revision: 153
	- smooth scrolling.
	- alignSystem gets new boolean parameter to enable smooth scrolling.
	- only enable smooth scrolling when drawing the note cursor. All other calls
	to alignSystem disable smooth scrolling.
	- added video demo with Senstroke


	* Revision: 152
	- new button to start Bluetooth LE pairing. The button is disabled when BLE
	is not supported.
	- notification handler for BLE midi events
	- padding around the menu: 0.5em
	- wrap text in grey message area. Also make the text selectable.
	- readme updated


	* Revision: 151
	- bug: volta was not honored

	* Revision: 150
	- add midi translation to the options of xml2abc -> correct mapping of
	precussion midi numbers from a percussion score.
	- discard channel number in checkMidi -> percussion will also be processed
	- also print loaded midi numbers in the error log
	- improve midi_test.html


	* Revision: 149
	- better menu scrolling


	* Revision: 148
	- full screen checkbox added in menu
	- full screen handler
	- viewport meta element added to readme (better viewing on phone)
	- change readme to %-layout


	* Revision: 147
	- new menu item for input minimum tempo (follow modes 4 and 5)
	- demo dialog to show remarks at begin
	- separate volumes for accompaniment and solo
	- add keydown event to dismiss the unlock dialog and set the focus
	- merge better per voice administration of xmlplay into parsemodel
	- demo dialog transfers focus to unlock dialog if the latter is active


	* Revision: 146
	- equalize total volume to that of xmlplay


	* Revision: 145
	- new function simPlay simulates a perfect player, playing the notes at the
	cursor position. Cursor advances on arrow right or space key.
	- key 'c' triggers a count in with the metronome.


	* Revision: 144
	- added a test page for the pannerNode (to replace the stereoPannerNode for


	* Revision: 143
	- show audio unlock dialog before loading waveforms
	- bug: enable synth when all waveforms are already loaded
	- only show main branch in change log history


	* Revision: 142
	- replaced manual version numbers by mercurial revision numbers,
	automatically added during compilation
	- replaced handwritten changelog by one automtically generated by mercurial,
	based on the revision descriptions.
	- all revision descriptions before revision 137 are in Dutch ...

	* Revision: 141
	- conversie van fossil

	* Revision: 137
	- new unlock audio dialog
	- show unlock audio dialog when audioContext is suspended and hide when it is
	resumed (bind touchend event to unlock dialog with handler doUnlock)
	- use %%play before using abc2svg with get_abcmodel
	- remove special tablature code, because %%play already takes care of correct
	- use pit instead of apit
	- test for presence of audioContext and give warning when not present


	* Revision: 136
	- stfHgt array met balkhoogtes
	- consequente drumnoot SVG definities
	- stfLns array met aantal balklijnen per balk
	- tuning4 en tuning6 met bass en gitaar stemming
	- afbeelden van tabulatuur noten naar midi nootnummers
	- gebruik nieuwe transformatiefunties ax, ay en ah in abc2svg
	- gebruik classnaam g om eventuele <g> elementen te pakken, als class g er
	niet is worden <svg> elementen genomen


	* Revision: 135
	Version 35
	- honour clef octave transpositions for playback (e.g. guitar)
	- use correct playback pitch in ottava+/-8 sections.
	- removed infinite recursion with repeat in repeat.


	* Revision: 134
	- Bug bij het overslaan van onzichtbare noten: Als notenbalken verborgen
	zijn (staff extract) dan zijn alle noten onzichtbaar, maar ze moeten wel
	afgespeeld worden. Dus alleen onzichtbare noten overslaan in de stemmen die
	getoond worden (de hoofd entry in nstSeq)


	* Revision: 133
	- gebruik de nieuwe user.imagesize parameter in plaats van veranderen van de
	<svg regel tijdens uitvoer.
	- sla alle noten/rusten over die geen .xy (positie) hebben (== onzichtbaar).
	- hierdoor wordt de test op .xy in mergeVoices overbodig.


	* Revision: 132
	- de trunk is nu up-to-date wat betreft follow
	- deze repo nu alleen voor follow verder gebruiken
	- pitchdetect en xmlplay gaan verder met hg