* Revision: 370
	- new option "echo" corresponding to the menu checkbox "MIDI echo"
	- new URL parameter "noecho" to set option echo:false


	* Revision: 369
	- always record skipped notes in playback mode so that they also show up
	when option "show marks" is checked at the end of a performance. Previously
	recording skipped notes was only done while "show marks" was enabled.

	* Revision: 368
	- do not mute simulated playing (space bar or right arrow key) when option
	"mute own staff" is checked. Only mute playback of the "own" staff.


	* Revision: 367
	- indentation bug in function zend(): MIDI messages would never be sent to
	the MIDI output port. Now they will, when an external MIDI interface has
	been selected.
	- do not mute the keyboard (on-screen or MIDI) when option "mute own staff" is
	checked. Only mute playback of the "own" staff.


	* Revision: 366
	- bug: always show errors in score calculation when opt.scal is true (also
	when opt.tmng and opt tmng2 are false)

	* Revision: 365
	- remove option nocalc.
	- add option scal, meaning: Show score calculation
	- change the boolean expressions with scal accordingly
	- update the readme

	* Revision: 364
	- add checkbox "Hide score calc." to the timing menu
	- add corresponding (URL) option "nocalc" and remove option "scal"
	- update the readme accordingly


	* Revision: 363
	- allow too early played notes during the last count down
	- bug in duration check sometimes caused marking the next note


	* Revision: 362
	- new checkbox in timing menu to disable the count-in (option nocnt)
	- the escape key hides the menu if any is visible


	* Revision: 360
	- three menus
	- show/hide advanced menu items


	* Revision: 359
	- do not mark rests with error type 4 (too long)


	* Revision: 358
	- new advanced menu item: Error types. When checked displays error codes
	next to the permanent marks in the score.
	- new corresponding (URL) option: ftyp (default off)
	- store error types while playing for display when stopped (with new menu
	- also use stored error type for redrawing notes held down much too long
	- new functions toonFoutTypes and veegFoutTypes for displaying and removing
	error types

	* Revision: 357
	- one permanent mark per note/chord with a unique color for each combination
	of errors made.
	- bug: remove opacity setting from putMarkLoc.
	- new option: ntKleur is an array of 7 error colors, one for each combination
	of error types.
	- bug: also draw permanent marks on the last note.
	- draw error marks when cursor moves to next note for all error types
	- redraw duration error mark for notes that are held down much long


	* Revision: 356
	- remove the normal cursor as soon as a permanent mark is set
	- bug: guard marking of skipped notes with opt.metmrk

	* Revision: 355
	- the line cursor continues during the last note (previously it stopped)
	- new menu checkbox and URL option (metmrk) to show/hide all permanent marks
	- close button in timing graph
	- escape key closes menu or timing graph
	- rename menu button "showStats" to "Show Timing Graph"


	* Revision: 354
	- permanent marks for errors are placed when cursor moves to the next note
	- To avoid double markings, store permanent marks in a dictionary with a key
	that is determined by score position, voice number and color.
	- draw permanent error marks when the cursor moves to the next note
	- bug: array ref out of bounds in tekenLoper


	* Revision: 352
	- hide/show markings with the "hide cursor" checkbox and nocur option.
	- check timing errors only once per voice


	* Revision: 351
	- for a group of simultaneous notes check timing for every note, not only
	for the last (latest) one.
	- add URL parameters: pnlkrt, kort, minkort (see readme)


	* Revision: 350
	- call showScore in initScore to make sure the score percentage is always
	- make the color of the total score element depend on actual score percentage
	- the total score element is always the same independent of the score options


	* Revision: 349
	- to reduce overhead in showScore, do not construct the score div
	- but add color spans to the score div and
	- set the score elements directly in the color spans