* Revision: 329
	- bug in side scoll mode: abrupt cursor repositioning in the beginning

	* Revision: 328
	- replaced side scrolling algorithm by keeping the line cursur at a fixed
	horizontal position on the screen


	* Revision: 327
	- bug: instability with side scrolling during startup with slow long notes
	- only start horizontal scrolling on the last cursor placement in plaatsLoper.
	Otherwise multiple starts cause initial trembling of the cursor
	- use cancelAnimationFrame when stopping horizontal scrolling
	- use opt.hrz to set the horizon acceleration (default 50)
	- only allow positive scrolling speed


	* Revision: 326
	- moved the performance graph button from the advanced to the normal menu
	- keep the state of the performance bar until the start button is pressed.
	- replace string continuations in the info tips by a joined array of stings.

	* Revision: 325
	- bug: incorrect note indication on keyboard with multiple voices in one
	- better scaling and new gradient coloring for the timing indicator bar
	- remove obscure menu items that implemented a "game" mode
	- remove all code associated with deleted menu items (game mode)
	- split menu into normal and advanced part
	- more logical ordering of menu items
	- popup help while hovering (PC only) with many UI items


	* Revision: 324
	- first beat of each measure gets a louder metronome click


	* Revision: 323
	- bug: line cursor does not follow the normal cursor when loop tags are
	moved (and the cursor was on the first note).

	* Revision: 322
	- new function plaatsLoper properly places all cursors, accounting for
	different note lengths in multiple voices. It aligns the system to the
	dotted line and restricts the cursor to the loop area if loop mode is


	* Revision: 321
	- disable option "exact" in playback mode, also disable the corresponding
	menu checkbox
	- bug: also honor a tie when tied note comes after a second repeat alternative
	- bug: number of notes for the score calculation was one too high


	* Revision: 320
	- New buttons for zooming the on-screen keyboard.
	- Removed the overlayed octave shift function from these buttons. You can only
	make keys larger and smaller now.


	* Revision: 319
	- move all :hover styles in one block guarded by a @media query to avoid the
	deficient hover behaviour of iOS


	* Revision: 318
	- when the cursor is on the first note of a loop range, also keep it there
	after the first loop mark is moved elsewhere


	* Revision: 317
	- several changes to allow for omission of (certain) UI-elements from the
	- new function setMenuItem (better logic)
	- replace setMenuOptions (code cleaning)
	- removed function setMinTempo (code cleaning)
	- bug: missing break statement (case "exact")


	* Revision: 316
	- only set the default tempo (60) IF no audio sync data is present AND no
	tempo is given in the preload AND no tempo is defined in the score


	* Revision: 315
	- bug: option hide2cur stopped working in revision 314
	- readme updated (URL options more or less complete)


	* Revision: 314
	- cursor color and opacity are now options with corresponding URL
	parameters: kleur=#f9f,#3cf,#c99,... & mat=0.5
	- the pre_opt assignment in the preload file (when saving) is now formatted
	across multiple lines with maximum length of 80 chars.
	- the line cursor was not properly hidden whith the appropriate menu option


	* Revision: 313
	- bug: loading audio file after score file would reset tempo to default
	instead of keeping the score tempo
	- add separate function to load an audio file
	- set preload tempo when explicit Q: in ABC header and no preload tempo was
	- new tempo logic for the first note after the ABC header


	* Revision: 312
	- in function drawTags removed the reset "iSeq = 0" when opt.lus == true no
	idea why the reset was there ...
	- added missing count-in of 5 for 5/4, 3 for 7/8, 9/8 and 4 for 11/8


	* Revision: 311
	- only move the cursor to the first loop mark when marks are placed or


	* Revision: 310
	- better staff selection for grand staff selection mode
	- keep height of button bar in rounded percentage, also when set by opt.hinfo