* Revision: 235
	- include unmodified version in fullsource directory for publication
	- clear fullsource directory when build completed
	- new URL parameters late1 and late2 set thresholds for calculation of
	lateNotes (number of late notes in score calculation)


	* Revision: 230
	- treat a tied note as a rest when it is alone and skip it if in a chord
	- change reference to first note in a group of ties only when no more ties
	- Sol -> So in note names


	* Revision: 229
	- new function toetsNamen to set key names and positioning

	* Revision: 228
	- choice of note name convention in menu (C or Do for the on-screen


	* Revision: 227
	- special unicode for flat and sharp character
	- <tspan> with dy for superscript flat and sharp
	- shift <text> items one pic right


	* Revision: 226
	- function keyColor determines normal color of keys
	- bug: do not remember key color in prevKeys, but always use function keyColor
	- bug: testing note.ptc [-1] no longer works: use (-1 in note.ptc)

	* Revision: 225
	- new keyboard with names
	- remember note names from the score (parseModel, mkNtsSeq, mergeVoices)
	- also remember the staff number of each note
	- apply note names and staff color on the keyboard (putMarkLoc, ttsOp/Neer)


	* Revision: 224
	- bug: wrong start tempo when opt.begin parameter is used
	- new demo for webpage
	- readme updated


	* Revision: 223
	- add complete source to zip distribution
	- add code to enable reading a local audio file witht the browse button
	- updates to the readme


	* Revision: 222
	- bug: when a preload has timing data, the start tempo of the first measure
	should be taken from the timing data and not from the score.


	* Revision: 221
	- when finishing a preload (einde) call toggleStart (-1), because it is
	reset to iSegStart in that function (toggleStart) and now allows distinguish
	"end of preload" from a repositioning.
	- only communicate the score to a calling page when stoppos < 0.
	- new URL option "goback": return to the previous page when stoppos < 0, which
	happens at the end of a preload or if user presses the stop button.


	* Revision: 220
	- do not overwrite an ABC left repeat at the end of a line (|:$) with the
	one generated by abc2svg for the start of the next line

	* Revision: 219
	- send the score value to the parent (or linking) page, using both
	localStorage and postMessage


	* Revision: 218
	- bug: put correct start value in the tempo box in the menu bar
	- bug: take current speed factor into account when starting play back / follow


	* Revision: 217
	- follow meter changes in score
	- follow tempo changes in score
	- derive beat unit from metre for the metronome
	- derive count-in from metre for the metronome
	- remove boolean option sctmp (follow score tempo). It is always true now.


	* Revision: 216
	- bug: abcweb preload file is not recognized when opening as local file
	- bug: not all of the preload text was submitted for importing, but only the
	first 4000 characters.


	* Revision: 215
	- remove redundant line in the copyright message

	* Revision: 214
	- convert times_arr (from abcweb) into an array of measure durations and
	save this array in the preload (in stead of times_arr)
	- import measure durations from either measure durations or absolute measure
	times (maat_duren or times_arr)

	* Revision: 213
	- compute tempo's and offset from abcweb synchronization data
	- bug with repeat in the computation of line cursor timings
	- old bug with repeat nesting causes infinite loop


	* Revision: 212
	- add global vars for compatibility with abcweb preloads
	- improve computation of audSeq (audio times at each cursor position)