* Revision: 385
	- detect repeat jump when searching for a note near the click position
	- better placement of loop marks when switching check mode (chkmod)
	- better placement of the cursor when switching check mode


	* Revision: 384
	- bug: the default syncElm should have a property "checked" set to true
	- include selector "#adv" in handling the advanced menu checkbox


	* Revision: 383
	- re-install the speaker icon in the menu bar which not only mutes but also
	removes sync data and recomputes score tempo. It also stops playback and
	moves the cursor to the last start position
	- a second mute symbol before the volume slider in the audio menu. This button
	only mutes audio.


	* Revision: 381
	- removed opt.audOn (mute) option
	- added opt.syncon option (default true). When false the synchronization data
	is not used and the score tempos are re-computed (and playback halts).
	- added an (advanced) checkbox: "Use sync data" that sets the sycon option
	- the audio volume slider also has a mute button to the left, which, when
	activated, sets the volume to zero. When the volume is zeroed with the
	volume slider, the mute button is also activated (for iOS). The mute button
	remembers the volume before mute and resets that volume when deactivated.
	- removed global variable "latency", and corrected a related bug
	- audio speed correction is only applied when opt.syncon is true.


	* Revision: 380
	- new audio menu added
	- moved several controls from the menu bar to the audio menu
	- new volume slider for the audio element (does not work on iOS)
	- removed URL parameter "ctrls" becaude player controls are no longer needed
	to change the volume of the audio element.
	- changed the microphone switch into a chekbox in the audio menu


	* Revision: 377
	- default value of opt.temp is the empty string to enable manual tempo
	changes when no preload is used.
	- set the audio playback rate after audio is completely loaded
	- update the cursor speed (kwartTempo) when audio is manually switched on/off


	* Revision: 376
	- separate variables to remember speed changes with and without audio
	- preload tempo takes precedence over score tempo (if present)
	- audio tempo map takes precedence over score tempo
	- preload tempo scales audio tempo map


	* Revision: 375
	- do not correct playback timing relative to the audio when audio is muted


	* Revision: 374
	- bug: failed to recognize a local file as a preload when abc_arr is
	imported with javascript import statement.


	* Revision: 373
	- avoid irregularity in line cursor movement with multiple grace notes


	* Revision: 372
	- had to change the handling of tuplets after a second repeat, because the
	internal representation of abc2svg changed.
	- uploaded a new version of abc2svg


	* Revision: 371
	- (microphone) convert detected pitches to MIDI messages. Previously pitches
	were only checked directly (checkMidi).
	- (microphone) only generate a new note-on message when the previous note has
	been completed with a note-off message. Previously, multiple note-on
	messages could occur during decay (mostly false octaves)


	* Revision: 370
	- new option "echo" corresponding to the menu checkbox "MIDI echo"
	- new URL parameter "noecho" to set option echo:false


	* Revision: 369
	- always record skipped notes in playback mode so that they also show up
	when option "show marks" is checked at the end of a performance. Previously
	recording skipped notes was only done while "show marks" was enabled.

	* Revision: 368
	- do not mute simulated playing (space bar or right arrow key) when option
	"mute own staff" is checked. Only mute playback of the "own" staff.


	* Revision: 367
	- indentation bug in function zend(): MIDI messages would never be sent to
	the MIDI output port. Now they will, when an external MIDI interface has
	been selected.
	- do not mute the keyboard (on-screen or MIDI) when option "mute own staff" is
	checked. Only mute playback of the "own" staff.


	* Revision: 366
	- bug: always show errors in score calculation when opt.scal is true (also
	when opt.tmng and opt tmng2 are false)

	* Revision: 365
	- remove option nocalc.
	- add option scal, meaning: Show score calculation
	- change the boolean expressions with scal accordingly
	- update the readme

	* Revision: 364
	- add checkbox "Hide score calc." to the timing menu
	- add corresponding (URL) option "nocalc" and remove option "scal"
	- update the readme accordingly


	* Revision: 363
	- allow too early played notes during the last count down
	- bug in duration check sometimes caused marking the next note