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To use xml2abc-js in your own script call "vertaal ()" in the following way:

        var xmldata = $.parseXML (abc_code);    // abc_code is a (unicode) string with one abc tune.

        // the options are passed as a single object, where the members have the same name and value(s)
        // as in Consult the readme of for more information on these options.
        // Here we just use the defaults by setting them to zero.

        var options = { 'u':0, 'b':0, 'n':0,    // unfold repeats (1), bars per line, chars per line
                        'c':0, 'v':0, 'd':0,    // credit text filter level (0-6), no volta on higher voice numbers (1), denominator unit length (L:)
                        'm':0, 'x':0,           // with midi volume and panning (1), no line breaks (1)
                        'v1':0, 'noped':0,      // all directions to first voice of staff (1), with pedal directions (1)
                        'p':'f' };              // page format: scale (1.0), width, left- and right margin in cm

        var result = vertaal (xmldata, options);
        var abcText = result [0];               // the translation (string)
        var errorTxt = result [1];              // all information and error messages (string)