* Revision: 104
	- new option 'stm': translate MusicXML stem elements A change in stem
	direction outputs [I:stemdir ..] with the new direction. Changes are
	determined per voice. xml2abc-js.html:
	- add stem translation to the option menu

	* Revision: 103
	- fingering annotations of notes in a chord go before that chord in ABC.
	(string annotations in a tab staff remain with the notes in the chord)
	- do not reverse order of decorations in addChord


	* Revision: 102
	- bug: a rest in a group of beamed notes would previously stop the beam
	- the staff of a direction is the staff to which we allocated the voice in
	question (not the staff that follows from xml code). This matters when a
	voice migrates to a different staff, while the original staff still has


	* Revision: 101
	- handle case where <per-minute> element (metronome) does not contain a
	- fix ordering difference with xml2abc.py when a <directory> element contains
	multiple <directory-type> elements


	* Revision: 100
	- handle case where staff allocation results in staff without voices


	* Revision: 99
	- also remember Music.lastnote when it is a rest (repairs exception when a
	slur starts on a rest as first note in the score)


	* Revision: 98
	- close hanging measure-repeats (started but no stop)


	* Revision: 97
	- do not skip invisible notes, translate them into invisible rests
	- implement translation of the <metronome> element
	- concatenate multiple <words> elements
	- delete leading and trailing space from the concatenated <words> text
	- allow extension .musicxml
	- do not handle tuplets inside a grace sequence
	- accept floating point <alter> elements
	- bug: time should never become negative (incTime with bad <backup> elements)
	- bug: set of voicenumbers is empty when a whole part has no <note> elements.
	Taking the minimum of this empty set raised an exception


	* Revision: 96
	- in html file read revision number from variable. (reverting the change in
	revision 93)


	* Revision: 95
	- copy ABC text to clipboard when user clicks in the ABC area
	- specific code for MS-Edge added to make saving ABC work.
	- forgot to remove the dynamic anchor element after saving ABC to file.
	- improved version translation in compile script.


	* Revision: 94
	- added translation for missing modern diatonic modes (dorian, phrygian etc)


	* Revision: 93
	- replaced manual version numbers by mercurial revision numbers,
	automatically added during compilation
	- replaced handwritten changelog by one automtically generated by mercurial,
	based on the revision descriptions.
	- all revision descriptions before revision 92 are in Dutch ...


	* Revision: 92
	- index bug bij het lezen van het volume
	- conversie bug bij de panning
	- compiling aangepast met revisie nummer


	* Revision: 91
	- Object.assign vervangen door for..in loop want assign werkt niet in IE11


	* Revision: 90
	- vervang enige aanroep van $.parseXML door de standaard browserversie.
	Hierdoor kan xml2abc.js ook met jquery.slim werken.


	* Revision: 89
	- versie 77, alle gewone noten met herstellingsteken
	- xml volume schalen van 0..100 tot midi volume 0..127


	* Revision: 88
	- alle svg-tags sluiten met een echte sluittag en niet met </. Nodig om in
	javascript met DOM de ABC text te verwerken (embedding).


	* Revision: 87
	- geen toonaard signatuur bij een percussie sleutel

	* Revision: 86
	- vertaling bijgewerkt naar versie 76
	- alleen de -i optie niet vertaald, want heeft geen zin bij javascript

	* Revision: 85
	- nieuw geconverteerd van fossil
	- .hgignore file toegevoegd