version 20
- video size can now be changed by dragging in the empty space beside the video. Previously one had to
  drag a narrow resize bar which was difficult to do on a tablet. 
- performance of video resizing improved.
- replaced hover behaviour of menu with click behaviour (better for tablets)
- mouseleave behaviour of the help area replaced by click beside behaviour (better for tablets)
- do not start/stop playback when clicked in scrollbar
- while annotation mode is enabled show a dashed border around all annotations
- the long click handler considers a touch/mouse moved when at least 5 pixels (manhattan distance) from begin point
- added confirmation when deleting an annotation
- better positioning when creating new annotations and when moving existing ones

version 19
- offset correction for loop markers now works correctly
- removed code for preloads, score and media files on google drive, because service discontinued by google.

version 18:
- autoscale once when opening a preload with a scorewidth larger than the screen size of the device
- prefer XMLHttpRequest for a preload and only fall back to dynamic script tag when a cross domain violation occurs

version 17:
- bug repaired in code for resizing media and alining score on a touch device
- a "long click" (tap or mousedown and hold > 0.5 sec, then release) is used in stead of right mouse button.
- abbreviations intruduced for annotating common musical symbols (notes, accidentals, clefs etc.)
- downloadable Smufl font Bravura with many musical symbols is used for annotations
- font size of annotation automatically scaled to the staffline distance of the pdf.
- annotations can be repositioned (by dragging while anotation editing is enabled).
- loop marks were not scaled after changing score width or crop value

version 16:
- simpel annotation feature where html formatted text can be added to the score with a context click
  (right click or tap-and-hold). Annotations are saved in the preload file.
- also position and state of loop markers are now saved in the preload file.
- a preload starts play back at the begin marker of the loop, if it is set.
- the actions "add/delete annotation", "add/move loop marker" and "set repeat line" are now triggered
  by a right click (or tap-and-hold).
- removed redundant loop checkbox; loop mode is toggled in the menu.
- new url parameter to set the count_in
- bug with synchronizing very last line after one or more repeats in the score.

version 15:
- added support for web sockets and abcSrv.js. Multiple instances of synpdf can now start/stop
  synchronously. (see readme)
- added parameters nomed, mstr, delay, ipaddr voor web socket synchronization (see readme).
- extra check for cued video's in yub-player (because positioning starts the video, which is not wanted)
- countin dialog added, which uses parameters nmsr (number of measures) and bpmsr (beats per measure) to
  calculate the tempo for the first system on the first page. (temporary solution)

version 14:
- added menu item to show/hide advanced settings
- bug: several default values overwrote settings in the preload file
- bug: pagewidth setting in preload was always overwritten bij actual window width

version 13:
- added option to set the threshold for clustering staves into systems
- added option to select a particular system on each page (to focus on an instrument in concert scores)

version 12:
- youtube speed setting was not honoured for a preload
- added no_menu option in the sync preferences (saves a preload such that no menu will appear)
- added single staves option, which disables clustering of staves into systems.
- added help menu item and several tooltips.
- added URL parameter ln=0|1 to set the linecursor visibility on load (overrides preload setting)
- the whole media can always be played until the last system is synced (end of score). Then the
  media is halted 2 seconds after the last beat of the score.

version 11:
- youtube player would not load when the browser's flash plugin was enabled.
- credit text option added (msc_option)
- no_menu option added
- html5 player would jump to offset after a preload

version 10:
- initial release