* Revision: 136
	- added styles for .demaat and .maten with pointer-events:none
	- added shift click in addition to long click for loop mode, annotation mode
	and repeat marks


	* Revision: 135
	- readme improved
	- help dialog improved
	- escape handling more consistent

	* Revision: 134
	- warn if new measure duration is below 0.2 sec
	- blur clear button and enable sync checkbox so that the space bar can be used
	afterwards to start playback.

	* Revision: 133
	- keep track of the last synchronized measure (lastSynced)
	- always fill deTijden with default timing after lastSynced (in syncChk, knip
	and addDummySys)
	- startSync erases deTijden after lastSynced
	- update copyTiming to read deTijden
	- hide #snclbl in advanced mode


	* Revision: 132
	- remove #streep
	- light green background when resizing the player area
	- simplify kliklang


	* Revision: 131
	- preventDefault needed in touchend handler of kliklang() to avoid mousedown
	event on #notation ...
	- explcit check of pagenum, because mobile browsers ignore min max attributes
	of the input element

	* Revision: 130
	- new readme with separate svg picture

	* Revision: 129
	- more cleaning up old code
	- set left margin to 0 in advanced mode to create space for the menu
	- all advanced items cause immediate recalculation

	* Revision: 128
	- page number input in advanced menu
	- advanced menu only shows one page for fast feedback
	- colored maten divs transparent for pointer events
	- immediate redraw for advanced controls
	- do not handle mousedown in notation scrollbar
	- clean up unused code
	- restore default timing when sync mode is unchecked and nothing was synced


	* Revision: 127
	- bug: simulated mouse events on canvas triggered playback when propagated
	to #notation


	* Revision: 126
	- stacking of multiple repeat tokens in the same measure
	- bug: testing the existence of inf.dst when inf.dst == 0
	- bug: aligning to the dotted line when demix == -1
	- key G now deletes a marked repeat section

	* Revision: 125
	- the begin and end of all repeat sections must be marked before
	synchronizing the score.
	- the marking is done in sequence, first marking the end of a repeat section,
	then the begin of the section.
	- the use of the G-key is no longer needed. All repeat jumps are made
	automatically while tapping the B-key.
	- the repeat marks support resizing/scaling of the score.

	* Revision: 124
	- readme with svg picture using a dataURL


	* Revision: 123
	- add possibility of setting multiple repeat marks
	- repmaat becomes a FIFO of repeat destiniation measures
	- reptkn becomes a FIFO of repeat marks (div)

	* Revision: 122
	- reverted the change with initGlobals (rev 120)
	- msc_wz must be reset in readPdfDoc
	- round coordinates for annotations


	* Revision: 121
	- when (re)synchronizing a measure in an already synchronized score, compare
	the given time point with half the current measure duration. If the time is
	not yet beyond half the measure time, redefine (resync) the begin of the
	measure, otherwise the end.

	* Revision: 120
	- moved initGlobals to readPdfdoc -> msc_wz := null for each pdf read
	- test !msc_wz to start the interface (startIntf)
	- after countPix return a zero height canvas if no staves are found this
	effectively skips the page
	- stop the propagation of the spacebar keydown if originated in #buttons or


	* Revision: 119
	- parameter in hideMenuHelp to prevent toggle playback in msc_shift
	- add preventDefault for the space key (default scroll effect on score)

	* Revision: 118
	- help section updated, readme updated
	- changed all key bindings, using the event.key standard


	* Revision: 117
	- return from the loop in x2time when no timing is found.