* Revision: 171
	- bug: backspace button jumps to the last synced measure
	- backspace button clears all sync data from the curremt measure to the end
	- skip backspace when there is no sync data


	* Revision: 170
	- added keybinding for pageUp and pageDown in advanced mode


	* Revision: 169
	- new advanced input element for page width (only used during recognition)
	- improve reproducablity of bar line recognition by saving the pagewidth for
	each page
	- take care of backwards compatibility of preloads (page width)
	- new function set_fixwd () for setting the pagewidth and style


	* Revision: 168
	- the lower limit of the cluster threshold is zero (previously it was 0.1)
	- when the cluster threshold equals zero, all staves on a page are clustered
	into one system.

	* Revision: 167
	- store advanced settings for each page, also store these settings in the
	- allow changing the page number in advanced mode without applying the
	settings, but do load the settings in the advanced menu items.
	- only apply advanced settings when a parameter is actually changed
	- stay on the same page when going into and outof advanced mode
	- new functions getPage, page2msr, schakelParms (switch parameters)
	- bug: do not set opt.synbox when closing save dialog
	- bug: jquery toggleClass needs a real boolean (from opt.fixwd)


	* Revision: 166
	- rewind audio before starting synchronization on a new score at the
	selected measure
	- then, also allow manual positioning of audio: the (now hidden) cursor
	position will not change


	* Revision: 165
	- on start up, always put the cursor at the first synchronized measure
	(which may be in the middle of the score)

	* Revision: 164
	- implement option lastSynced
	- allow to start synchronization at the currently selected measure


	* Revision: 163
	- add min and max values for advanced number inputs
	- report validity of advanced number inputs
	- reset invalid number inputs to previous (valid) value
	- change lable ID of fixed width menu item
	- add tooltip text for the fixed width menu item


	* Revision: 162
	- corrected offsets in loop marks and annotations
	- changed advanced menu checkbox "full width" into "fixed width" (opt.fullwd
	=> opt.fixwd)
	- updated readme.html


	* Revision: 161
	- help dialog properly centered and styled.
	- selecting advanced menu fixes the canvas width to 1000 pixels. The default
	menu values of the barline parameters work best with this width.
	- removed canvas offset variable xoff, because there is no offset.
	- new advanced menu option "full width" (opt.fullwd). This option disables the
	above mentioned fixed width of the canvas while the advanced menu is used.


	* Revision: 160
	- remove scaling and cropping of copied canvas (in function knip)
	- always scale pdf to the full width of the notation area


	* Revision: 159
	- removed URL parameter "resol"
	- the internal resolution is now set to the maximum page width (opt.pagewd).
	This value is also used fot jpeg imanges.
	- default resolution (and opt.pagewd) is again 1000 pix
	- saved metrics from preloads is scaled to opt.pagewd
	- when changing opt.pagewd with the menu, the saved metrics are scaled, not

	* Revision: 158
	- new URL parameter to set internal resolution (resol=nnnn)
	- changed default internal resolution from 1000 to 2000 pixels (canvas width)
	- put resolution in first element of deMetriek
	- scale the metrics from a preload when resolution is changed (metric_arr)


	* Revision: 157
	- remove special value "full" from option mmin
	- add the empty string as legal value for mmin. (== reset)
	- add option "fullmenu" (disables both options no_menu and mmin, but preserves
	the setting of both options)


	* Revision: 156
	- bug with positioning of media combined with play/pause command
	- simplify playPause when only positioning is demanded
	- remove setTimeouts that were added because of previous positioning.
	- do not handle arrow events when modifiers are present


	* Revision: 155
	- prevent going to measure 1 multiple times
	- measure positioning in timeout callback for youtube player
	- remove redundant setPauseState
	- preventDefault for arrow/page keys

	* Revision: 154
	- remove i-style
	- add credits2 div
	- (URL) option mmin to set custom id's to hide in the menu
	- reset cursor to first measure after player ended


	* Revision: 153
	- added message when the visibility of the player changes.


	* Revision: 152
	- add handler for arrowup/down and pageup/down
	- correction pattern match of key= message (allow all chars)