* Revision: 85
	- full screen checkbox added to the menu
	- full screen change handler


	* Revision: 84
	- use Lame as default compressor
	- only use SOX when compression format is specified by optional parameter
	- only give up when both sox and lame are not present
	- update readme

	* Revision: 83
	- mkjsSf.js can now also work with Lame.
	- optional parameter in mkjsSf_console.js to select compression format.
	- readme updated to describe new features of mkjsSf.
	- small layout change in xmlplay_emb.html.


	* Revision: 82
	- implementation of dynamics (!p! !f! !ff! etc) changing note velocities.
	- changed mapping of percussion sounds.
	- added marching drum sounds (bank 128, patch 56,57,58 and 95).
	- bug in xmlplay_emb: replace HTML entities wih global regex in innerHTML
	- added marching drum line to the demos


	* Revision: 81
	- put stereoPanner back in stead of normal Panner (only iOS does not support
	the stereoPanner)

	* Revision: 80
	- replace array decomposition with element assignments
	- test audioCtx in addUnlockListener
	- remove version setting in xmlplay_emb


	* Revision: 79
	- load instrument dialog above the start play svg picture xmlplay.js and
	- test browser support for panning, filter, oscillator and contant source.
	- skip panner node when not available
	- add use-filter, use-LFO and use-VCF booleans to the instrument parameters
	and use these during synthesis (opneer)
	- generate appropriate "not supported" warnings


	* Revision: 78
	- swap y/z axis for the panner, because y = up/down and z = front/back in
	Web Audio API.
	- bug in translation drumnotes when a natural note is mapped


	* Revision: 77
	- panningNode needs x,y position relative to the listener at 0,0. Compute
	this position at a unity circle around 0,0 with panning from -pi/2..pi/2


	* Revision: 76
	- xmlplay_emb: copy volume equalization from xmlplay

	* Revision: 75
	- equalize total volume (sf2 and midi-js) to that of follow
	- correct version replacement in compile script


	* Revision: 74
	- new drop down menu in stead of menu bar
	- new checkbox to enable browsing and opening score files from Dropbox
	- new centered play back button when score file is given as URL parameter
	- new URL parameter noMenu to hide the menu
	- readme updated


	* Revision: 73
	- only follow the main branch in the change log
	- iOS has no createStereoPanner: replaced it by createPanner


	* Revision: 72
	- add new cursor colors
	- use addUnlockListener to resume suspended audioContext

	* Revision: 71
	- new function addUnlockListener unlocks a suspended audioContext.
	- addUnlockListener adds and removes the extra event listeners for this
	purpose (mousedown, touchend)
	- all elements that initiate playback are wrapped with addUnlockListener


	* Revision: 69
	- extend the number of cursor colors to 7
	- implement an 8 bit cursor mask to disable up to 8 cursors
	- new URL option noCur=xx to set the cursor mask (xx is 2 digit hex number)
	(each bit set in xx disables a cursor, ls bit is voice 1, ms bit is voice 8)


	* Revision: 68
	changes in xmlplay and xmlplay_emb for update to abc2svg commit [12e7]:
	- use n.pit for playback (was n.apit)
	- remove special playback code for tablature (now superfluous)
	- %%MIDI drummap does not need the special percussion code for %%map increase
	drum volume in Geneva Old Style in xmlplay_emb.html


	* Revision: 67
	- when no midi instrument is defined take instrument 0 (piano)


	* Revision: 66
	- corrections in ABC code xmlplay.js and xmlplay_emb.js
	- only scan for I:percmap (and not %%percmap)
	- the name of a voicemap is now in ts.p_v.vcemap (change in abc2svg code)


	* Revision: 65
	- bug: define global variable instTab. (caused exception when falling back
	to MIDIjs)