Version 03:
- while seeking all midi events other than on/off (e.g. program change, pan, volume) are processed.
- events are processed in strict overall time order during skip
- tracks are reset only when seeking backwards
- (GUI) when saving use the same gain value as for playback (previously no gain was set).
- (GUI) avoid exception when cancelling selection of a midi file
- (GUI) all possible buffer sizes (64 - 8192) can be selected.
- (GUI) when driver initialization fails show "---" as text in the driver selection button.

Version 02:
- Changed loading of libfluidsynth so that it works on both Win32 and Linux.
- The libfluidsynth library is only loaded locally from the program directory.
- Added driver selection (for Linux, defaults to pulseaudio, for Win32 to dsound).
- Added buffer size setting. Slower machines need more buffer space (default 1024 bytes, 2 buffers)
- Added reverb/chorus settings, selection of reverb models.
- library intl.dll appeared to be needed on a clean Win32 (without GTK+ installed). Added to Win32 distribution.

Version 01:
Initial Release