* Revision: 146
	- corrected escape sequences that caused deprecation warnings (and syntax
	warnings as of python 3.12)


	* Revision: 145
	- added function vertaal() as an interface when xml2abc is used as a library
	- the info function stores diagnostic messages in a global list and only
	writes these messages so stderr when xml2abc is run as main program


	* Revision: 144
	- updated tabDrumDoc.html
	- handle start and stop of wavy-line on a single note
	- put stop of wavy-line after the ABC note


	* Revision: 143
	- percmap translation changed (option -t) The %%voicemap line now comes
	after %%MIDI lines (if any)


	* Revision: 142
	- merged patch from Martin Tarenskeen with corrections for Python3


	* Revision: 141
	- check for a MuseScore bug, where the xml export file can get lots of
	incorrect <backup> or <forward> elements with a duration of less than a 1/64
	note. This happens with 7 and 9 tuples.
	- discard the above mentioned incorrect elements


	* Revision: 140
	- layout change


	* Revision: 139
	- generate !trem1!...!trem4! decorations in stead of !-/!...!-////! when
	options.t is given.


	* Revision: 138
	- allow for different xml <divisions> values per measure. previously only
	one <divisions> value per part was honoured. (reported by David Webber)


	* Revision: 137
	- better parsing of the xml part-list
	- better rounding compatibility with javascript version


	* Revision: 136
	- changed license to LGPL


	* Revision: 135
	- new option --stems: translate MusicXML stem elements A change in stem
	direction outputs [I:stemdir ..] with the new direction. Changes are
	determined per voice.

	* Revision: 134
	- fingering annotations of notes in a chord go before that chord in ABC.
	(string annotations in a tab staff remain with the notes in the chord)
	- do not reverse order of decorations in addChord


	* Revision: 133
	- bug: a rest in a group of beamed notes would previously stop the beam
	- the staff of a direction is the staff to which we allocated the voice in
	question (not the staff that follows from xml code). This matters when a
	voice migrates to a different staff, while the original staff still has


	* Revision: 132
	- handle case where <per-minute> element (metronome) does not contain a


	* Revision: 131
	- handle case where staff allocation results in staff without voices


	* Revision: 130
	- also remember Music.lastnote when it is a rest (repairs exception when a
	slur starts on a rest as first note in the score)

	* Revision: 129
	- bug: writing binary string to stdout in python3
	- always write abc files with utf-8 encoding (drop preference for latin-1)


	* Revision: 128
	- close hanging measure-repeats (started but no stop)


	* Revision: 127
	- delete leading and trailing space from the concatenated <words> text