by Erich Friedman , Daniel Vree and Willem Vree.

In each room you have to push the pot of gold on top of the small rainbow.
GoldPusher combines several elements that make a game attractive: puzzles, strategy and even action.
in your browser (pure HTML5 implementation)
- 120 rooms with action, strategy and difficult puzzles. (all rooms freely playable)
- bombs, missiles, rocks, balloons, iron balls, many different walls, backgrounds etc.
- 5 monster types, each with different behaviours and capabilities.
- sit back and watch all solutions
- snapshot feature takes you back into the middle of a difficult puzzle
- save feature remembers which rooms you have completed
- topscore (saved on server), help screens.
- create/edit/save/delete your own rooms. (playable by everyone, editable only by you).
- also playable on tablets
- extensive help
Keyboard Shortcuts
8, up, k: Go up u: Load/Save/Delete game state
4, left, h: Go left m: Show/Hide menu
5, down, j: Go down s: Show solution
6, right, l: Go right e: Help
space: Throw last object picked up g: Go to selected puzzle
p: Pause/Continue, also takes snapshot F1: Set speed slow
a: Abort current game position
(return to snapshot position)
F2: Set speed medium
n: Next puzzle F3: Set speed fast
t: Show top score b: Edit current puzzle
x: Flip orientation button panel  
 Using the editor
  • edited rooms are listed after room 120 in the GoTo dialog (room numer > 120)
  • edited rooms are marked with the user name of the creator (in the title bar and in the GoTo dialog)
  • edited rooms are saved on the server when the player is logged in. To log in: press button "Load/Save" in the menu and choose username/password.
  • user rooms (room number > 120) can only be edited/deleted by the creator, but played by everyone.
  • when the player is not logged in, edited rooms are saved in the local storage of the browser
    (not all browsers have local storage and if they have it may be disabled, in which case the edited room is lost on closing the page)
  •  Old Binaries (with 234 rooms!)
    The registration dialog accepts any combination of name/code.
    The name should have more than 2 chars and the code should be a positive integer.
  • PC version:
  • Mac version: gold-pusher.hqx (right click link -> save as)
  • This .hqx file is for *real* Macs (68000 processor). It is a compactPro archive (.cpt) converted to binhex format. It runs with BasiliskII on a PC. (use HFVExplorer.exe to transport the .hqx file)

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