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testplayer is a Python program that can play midi files using FluidSynth. It supports both python3 and python2.

The GUI part of the player ( has the following features:
- load a single midi file and show its duration (in midi ticks)
- play, pause, rewind
- positioning of playback (to a position specified in midi ticks)
- fast saving of a rendition of the midi file to an ogg/vorbis file
- setting the quality level of vorbis encoding (0.0-1.0)
- setting chorus and reverb parameters
- selecting the audio driver and setting its buffer size (latency)
- minimal GUI with Tkinter

A Python interface to FluidSynth and its internal midi player is available in the file It loads the fluidsynth library from the current working directory, and if it cannot find it there, it loads the system version of the library.
testplayer needs version 2 of Fluidsynth (version > 2.0.1).

For Windows the binary distribution of fluidsynth-2.1.7 is included.
For Linux the shared library (compiled for Ubuntu 18.04) is included, because the system version of fluidsynth in 18.04 is too old (1.9.9).


Revision: 15

Stand alone Win32 executable:
The python scripts:
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