The House at Windy Corner

This album has been produced in 1973 by Deroy (Der 977a-61). Hundred discs have been pressed
It contains recordings of live sessions at the Windy Corner rehearsel cottage in 1972. Sound engineering and photography are by Hans Redel. Much more info here.

A high quality reissue of this album is on Spotify, iTunes or downloadable from Amazon.

Side one:
  • Song from the Very North
  • Blinkered Man
  • sample 62 secs
  • Staring Face
  • Waiting to Fall Back Asleep
  • Side two:
  • Palace of Twelve Phases
  • sample 62 secs
  • Sitting on a Throne
    Wind isBlowing
    A Hedge of Thorns
  • sample 62 secs (compare to the midi version)

    You can also listen to three tracks of Windy Corner on Last.Fm.

    Vinyl cover of The House at Windy Corner

    CD cover of The House at Windy Corner