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Follow is a program that displays a musical score and shows a cursor in the score that follows what you play. The program listens to a midi interface reading the notes that you play. When you have no midi interface you can use the build-in keyboard on the (touch sensitive) screen. You can also use a microphone with the build-in pitch detector

You can select a staff that you want to play and the program will play all other staves while following you on the selected staff. So you hear yourself accompanied.

Follow can also be used in a concert setup, where multiple devices show different parts of the same score. A master device determines the tempo and all other (slave) devices follow. The master can either use the play back feature or follow an instrument played by the director (or solist).

Real life use for the "Projet Numérique" of the Conservatories of Alfortville and Créteil, France, March 2017 (note that the tablets are synchronized!)




Apart from displaying a cursor in the score, the program can also measure the timing of your performance and make a timing plot at the end with some statistical information. There are several follow modes available with different effect on the tempo and timing while you play.

The program also has a life bar mode where you have to keep up your health by playing correctly and well timed. If you fail to do so and your health drops to zero you have to start all over again.

In a multi-part (multi-staff) score you can extract the part/staff you want to play. Only that part will be displayed and you can choose a custom page width that suits the device you use for viewing.

The program has master/slave synchronization, where all slave devices follow a master. But every slave device can show a different part of the same score (with part extraction). With such a setup a whole orchestre can read the various parts of the score while the director (or solist, when playing a midi keyboard) determines the tempo.

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