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xml2abc is a command line utility that translates MusicXML into ABC+ notation.

Parts of MusicXML that lie beyond the scope of the ABC standard 2.1 are not translated. For example: specific positioning information, slurs spanning staves.

The program translates all examples in the set from MakeMusic. The translated examples produce reasonable score when typeset with abcm2ps. In Mandoline, one of the samples, you can compare the output of xml2abc (via abcm2ps) with that of MuseScore 1.2. Another example from the set produces this score: Ave_Maria (Schubert). (see also the generated ABC of Mandoline_abc and Ave_Maria_abc)

All non standard extensions of ABC supported by abc2xml are also supported by xml2abc. For instance, tablature and percussion scores can be translated from MusicXML into ABC and back to MusicXML, without significant loss of information.


When you have Python installed:

> python [-h] [-u] [-m] [-c C] [-d D] [-v V] [-n CPL] [-b BPL] [-o DIR] [-x] [-p FMT] [-t] [-s] file1 [file2 ...]

When you use the Win32 executable:

> xml2abc.exe [-h] [-u] [-m] [-c C] [-d D] [-v V] [-n CPL] [-b BPL] [-o DIR] [-x] [-p FMT] [-t] [-s] file1 [file2 ...]

Translates all .xml files (MusicXML) or compressed .mxl files in the file list to ABC-notation. Output goes to stdout unless the -o option is given. Wildcards in file names are expanded.


The python script: (the change log)

Stand alone win32 executable: has developed abc2xmlGUI, a graphical user interface for both abc2xml and xml2abc.

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